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Time to Dust off #25

This blog is on my #30Before30 list. That’s right! #iusehashtags

#25 on my list says “Make my blog mean something (Post it publically!)”

I literally just let out an anxious sigh after typing that. This blog is my thinking ground, but it’s also a place where I hope I will foster growth in myself, in my family, and in people who read my words. Being Milly and Becoming Wilder means shaking off fear and allowing God to sanctify me…But let me tell you, I am on the precipice of whiting out so many of the things I originally wrote on that #30Before30 list. Some are out of practicality (I have a child to raise and credit cards to pay off…), but several are out of fear. Fear of failure. I’m afraid I’m going to put this blog out there and completely let myself down. I’m afraid it won’t become anything I can be proud to call mine.

I was going to wait to post it publically (and by publically, I mean posting it for MY world to see, that is, people I know), but I’m starting to think if I do that, it’ll never happen. There’s no accountability to continue posting if no one knows about it. So here goes.

With this blog, I want to:


I love and serve an Almighty God who has truly done amazing things in my life, but more significantly, in the Universe. I want to let people know about that.


When you have to report what you’ve done, it’s motivation to keep going and trying. So I guess I’m saying that keeping this blog up will hold me accountable. I want to read more, pray more, love more, think more, and worry less. You get the picture.


I hope something someone reads here will inspire them to face their fear and overcome it, try something new, love their family more deeply, seek God’s face with more fervor, and live life to the fullest.

Not every post is going to be awe inspiring. I’m not that good. But I hope the blog will be a coherent journal of a girl who loves God and loves life. I do and try a lot of different things, so I can’t promise a collection of recipes, or a long list of parenting how-to’s, or even a series on how to save money (and boy do I have a lot of those stories), but I will tell you that I will attempt to show God in the details, and I will share what I’m interested in this week or even this minute.

And I can also promise that I will often use ellipses… I’m sorry if that annoys you. I trail off in daily life, and I’m more of a starter than a definite finisher. For that reason, I find the use of ellipses a bit of a personal quirk. BUT… You will never find me using any more or less than 3 periods in those ellipses. That would be wrong. People! 3 periods is the definition of an ellipsis!

So, as I step off of my grammatical soapbox, I commit to at least try to fulfill #25. Fear not, my soul.

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