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The Weekend Wave: July 26

Do the wave! You don’t have to look very far to find people doing great things for their families and the community…

  • My friend Kelsey is making beautiful nursing necklaces to support her family and encourage other nursing mothers over at Momma and Bean. When I was nursing Josiah, I learned how difficult it can be to nourish the body of a curious baby. Nursing necklaces are beautiful and useful. They help entertain the baby by giving him something close to Momma’s body to focus on, so there’s more eating and less distraction. These necklaces make great gifts for new mommas!

Nursing Necklace

  • When I was playing volleyball at Cincinnati Christian University, I met Christie and her boyfriend, Zach. They got married a few years later and started living out the Gospel in Haiti. Their hearts for the LORD and His children in Haiti is so inspiring. Their spirits of perseverance through trial make me want to keep fighting the good fight. You can read about their work at and the Project Blog for the organization they’ve joined. Would you pray for their work and consider giving to the cause? You won’t regret it.


  • Dustin and I have been cleaning up our diet. We want our family to be happy and thriving, and what we put in our bodies is so important. Store bought salad dressings are almost all chemical-laden and full of refined sugar. We decided to make our own. This recipe for Paleo Ranch Dressing is simple and delicious. I used the mayo I already had and unsweetened almond milk. We love it! I’m looking forward to making the mayo from scratch to make this even more natural. Definitely doing the wave for natural health!

Why are you doing the wave this weekend?

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