The Weekend Wave: August 9

Tomorrow, the man of my dreams is turning 30! Josiah and I are definitely doing the wave for Daddy! We thank God for Him daily, and for all that he does to grow and strengthen our family. I can’t imagine my life without Dustin. He is a man worthy of respect and honor, and I’m praying and reading and searching for all the ways I can be his best helper. He is more than I deserve and everything I want. Josiah thinks the sun rises and sets on his Daddy, and I get to sit back and watch their relationship in awe. We have a pretty great thing going. Thank You, Jesus! Happy Birthday, Dustin! Let’s make it another great year. 30 looks stunning on you! XOXO – Felisha

  • I’ve been researching home preschool for Josiah, as he’s about to turn 4 this month (say it ain’t so!). As with just about everything else, it seems like I don’t know how to just enjoy life without worrying a little bit. I’ve been stressing that I don’t have what it takes to homeschool my boy, but then I started reading and realized I’ve been homschooling him since birth. This blog post by Deep Roots At Home is a testament to the importance of play in a child’s development. Playing Legos, taking nature walks, and running through sprinklers are all developing Josiah’s understanding of the world around him.
  • This past month has been really amazing for the health of our family. We began eating the Trim Healthy Mama way, and it’s making all the difference. I recommend this plan wholeheartedly, because I believe it can change your life and health for the better if you give it a shot. I haven’t bought any of their products yet, because I think you can keep this pretty simple. However, after a little research this weekend, I realized how much cheaper their products are than the things I’ve bought at the grocery store. They’ve been kind enough to allow me to have an affiliate link (you can sign up, too, if you believe in this program!), so if you decide to buy something through this link, I’ll receive a small percentage to help pay for my website. Cool, huh?
  • This Friday, I got to have a mom’s night out with a great group of Christian women, some whom I’ve known since high school. Raising children together and sharing in Christ is a blessing I can hardly describe. Good girlfriends are vital to a life well-lived. If you live in or around Harrison, Ohio, and you have Tuesday’s off, we’d love for you to join us. Childcare is provided. For more information, check out the website.

Have a great week! Do the wave!

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