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Sharing the Love

One thing I love about the internet is all the people who are joining in conversations and sharing each other’s ideas. It’s a way to encourage your friends far and wide, to learn new things, and to be challenged to grow. So here’s to sharing the love!

  • Deep Roots at Home is another blogger that gives me a lot of encouragement, and I hope to follow in her footsteps of standing for the truth, as well as encouraging other women. Her willingness to be authentic and vulnerable to share Christ’s message is so inspiring.
  • Despite my desire for a peaceful environment, I still find myself buying “stuff and things” that end up cluttering our home and stealing our peace…this article confirmed my suspicions that we as a generation are not struggling because of a failing economy, but because of a drive for more material possesions.
  • Have you been on Etsy? If not, you should check it out. This particular shop, Mama Bear Baby Wear, is special to me, not only because the products are excellent, but also because the owner is an inspiration to me. Despite losing her husband in a car accident, she is supporting her children through her work as a counselor and seamstress. She homeschools her children and specializes in attachment therapy, two things very dear to me. If you want to make your home more eco-friendly, please consider buying from Amy!
  • Have you used Shutterfly? I got some prints made for my Etsy shop, and they came today. Getting that orange envelope in the mail was exciting. I’m really happy with the quality. I ordered two sets of prints. One in gloss finish, and one in matte. I think the matte finish is best for the cards I’m making. You can get 50 free 4×6 prints if you sign up today.Shutterfly Prints (1)
  • When Dustin and I lived in Ohio, we became friends with two of the most reverent Christians I’ve ever met. Kevan and Lindsay Duke are a beautiful couple, and they have such integrity in ministry. There were, and continue to be, a great encouragement to me. Kevan’s latest blog post reminds me that no matter what havoc is created in our country, God’s Kingdom will always stand. Kevan and Lindsay also make beautiful home decor. Check out their Facebook page, Stuff We Make: Decor by the Dukes.

Thanks for stopping by Milly Becoming Wilder. Will you pass this along? Please Share the Love!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! I look up to you so much, and look forward to learning more each day 🙂

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