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Prayers for Raising My Boy

It’s a strange thing, raising a boy. The emotions I feel, the prayers I whisper…

Sleeping Josiah

Watching him sleep, I ache in the deepest parts of me. This love so fierce. I ask God to help me raise Josiah up to be every bit the man he was created to become, willing to live radically for Christ, to love another soul with his entire being, to take on life like a great journey – just to pray for his safety in the very next breath.

I desperately want to protect him from any kind of harm, yet I know that living adventurously and loving with reckless abandon are risky business. 

How do I raise Josiah to be a man after God’s own heart, unafraid of the adversity he’ll face from being upright and courageous? How do I keep him safe without stifling his heart?

I know the answers are simple and complex. Seek the LORD every moment and ask for wisdom. Live the life I’d want my child to live.

LORD, my God, fill in all the gaps in my motherhood. Hold me back when my selfish desires and fears tempt me to get in the way of that precious boy’s spirit. Protect Him with Your mighty hands, and let him always feel safe in my arms. Raise him up as You will. I give Him to You, because I know that all that You have for him is more than I could ask or imagine. In Jesus name, let it be.

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