Murals by Milly

Introducing Murals by Milly!

If there’s anything I love doing, it’s painting on walls. Nursery murals are precious, but I am open to all kinds. If you would like to talk about a mural in your home or business, please contact me. Check out the murals and pricing to follow, and please do share with anyone who might benefit!

The Hundred Acre Woods 3

This is my sweet baby bear in his Hundred Acre Woods.

The Hundred Acre Woods

This mural includes a floor-to-ceiling tree with Owl and Winnie the Pooh.

Aubrey with Owls

Aubrey’s Owls were SO MUCH FUN to paint. Her family’s reaction to them was even more fun!


I love this “NO PINK” baby girl room.

Mural Pricing

The rate for prep and painting is $20 per hour. I also charge a small fee for supplies, based on size and number of colors involved. Additionally, dependent on distance and number of sessions necessary, there may be a fuel surcharge, as well.

The murals listed above would both be in the range of $150, for labor and supplies.