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Minimalism Game Days 5-8

I know people who live fearful types of faith. They live in fear that they won’t be good enough for God and neither will you. These people are often quite judgmental. Maybe I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt in believing it’s truly fear driving their attitudes. Maybe that’s wrong, but I like to be positive.

Anyway, I’ve found that being judgmental doesn’t help anyone. First of all, who gets judged and thinks, “Oh yes, thank you for pointing out my flaws”? It’s very rare. People either get defensive and angry or ashamed and shy. When you choose to be judgmental and tell people how to live, no matter what your motivation, you are not inviting them to be real. Chances are, they’ll hide their true selves from you. You miss out on who they are, and they miss out on being themselves. It’s a missed opportunity for good relationships. And relationships, not judgment, are the basis for change and growth. When you allow someone to be real, you give him the chance to air out all of his issues and decide for himself that he needs to change, OR you grow close enough to him to offer him encouragement in areas where he needs to grow. An even bigger OR…you might be the one growing and changing…just a thought. Be real with people, and let them be real with you!


Now, to catch up on the “game”…I was feeling tired and discouraged this weekend. I spent time with some awesome people and heard a great sermon. Woke up feeling slightly more perky and got on with life. I didn’t post all weekend, because I was worn out! BUT I haven’t given up on the game.

October 5

1. White, bedazzled (ugly) Crocs-like flip flops
2. Puzzle
3. Prenatal yoga DVD
4. Cheese recipe book (I love cheese, but those fancy recipes only remind me how small my grocery budget is right now)
5. Butterfly earrings

October 6

1. Floral hoop earrings
2. Guys’ ankle socks
3. Guys’ ankle socks
4. Guys’ ankle socks
5. Gloves
6. Gloves

October 7

1. Empty wipes container (I made a point not to include trash on the list, but truly, I view wipes containers as useful organizational tools)
2. Toddler snack container
3. Toddler snack container
4. Toddler snack container
5. Water bottle
6. Dress from middle school. No joke.
7. Baby flip flops

October 8

1. Baby shoes
2. Plastic bracelet
3. Decorative tin container
4. Headband
5. Comb
6. Butterfly costume ring
7. Tarnished Premier Jewelry ring
8. Set of butterfly hair combs (I’m seeing a trend)

I’m glad to get caught up. Consistency has never been a strong suit of mine, but when I care about something enough, I will find time to stick to it.

I counted the number of items that would be purged if I made it all the way through my October “Minimalism Game”…496 items. The scary thing is…that doesn’t scare me! I’ve been minimizing for a long time, and I still have plenty of excess!

1 thought on “Minimalism Game Days 5-8

  1. What types of recipes are in a cheese recipe book? Have you checked out the cheese section at Trader Joe’s? You can usually find reasonably priced cheese.

    If you’re looking to cut down on your grocery shopping bill, you should check out Budget Bytes (food blog). She’s amazing. I’ve stopped buying bread (save about $5/week). I appreciate the step-by-step directions because I’m such a novice.

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