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Minimalism Game Day 2

October 2

1. Broken travel coffee mug
2. Frustrating and broken reusable straw cup



I should never be allowed to complain about money. Seriously, the amount of stuff I have is astounding, even if it is below average for an American. I need to stop buying junk.

In April, I separated from my husband and moved. My goal of minimizing came to a halt and I reversed gears. I started buying more stuff. Now I feel frustrated by my lack of that money (not a large sum, but still) and by the necessity to manage more stuff…stuff does not equal safety or security, but sometimes I still use material possessions to make me feel better about my life. It’s a lie.

This morning I was praying about my desire for a devoted partner. The devotional I read immediately after (in a randomly chosen devotional for this exact day, October 2nd) was about how God is always, ALWAYS with me. No lover, no matter how intimate, could be with me always or know me completely. Touché, God. Touché.

I’m going to get through this separation, no matter what the outcome. God will be by my side and be my constant companion.

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