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How I Handle Things as a “Grown Up”

As a teen/young adult, I was super serious. My friends called me “Mom” way more times than I should say. I mean, not that being a mom is uncool (I am one now, and I think I’m pretty fly at it), but they usually meant I was overprotective and domestic…Translation: Not fun.

Something about the craziness that has been my life for the last ten years has definitely helped me take myself, and life, a whole lot less serious. I got to thinking about this today when everyone at work was melting down about the state audit we’re going through, and my response was to call the auditor the “Tax Gangsta” who would “bust a cap if people don’t pay their taxes”…yes, I said that to his face. Admittedly not my proudest moment.

My other instinct was to tap dance on my desk to distract and cheer up my grumbly coworkers. I filtered that out and took a few walks around the building. I mean, I’m more fun now, but I still try to be somewhat professional at work. Somewhat.

Jess from New Girl is a kindred spirit. I’ve never related more to a fictional character in terms of awkwardness and spunk. This video came to mind more than once today…this is how I handle things as an adult.


This is the face I make when people at work are super grumpy and won’t join me in singing. Or appreciate my auditor jokes.

Seriously, though, I don’t miss the stress that comes from taking life too seriously. Jesus has set me free. I don’t have to stress or carry the weight of the world anymore. His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30). That makes dancing a lot easier đŸ™‚

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