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July is upon us, and so far, it is wonderful!


1. More Bible reading and prayer – Jesus, fill me up!

2. Initiative – I want to live a life of great intention. It’s the best life. After years of reaction, I want to be PROactive!

3. Finish strong – So far, I have learned more in this Payroll Accounting class at Ivy Tech than I ever did at the university I was attending. Less cost does NOT mean less learning. I love Ivy Tech so far. No fluff. Just learning and moving toward my future in Accounting. I want to finish this class strong. If all goes as planned, I can take two more classes in the fall to prepare for taking the bookkeeping certification exam. It’s not major in the world of accounting, but after years of grappling at straws over where my career should head, meeting this mile marker is huge for me.

4. Yoga, yoga, yoga – I’m going to try to get Josiah involved. Even ten simple poses is enough to put some pep in my step. Plus, I want exercise and self-care to be a regular part of his life. I want it to be natural for him to maintain good health…and peace!

5. Time in Nature – We are soaking up the sun, and with the limited months of good weather in Indiana, I want to make the most of every moment.

(These two cousins…They melt my heart into a puddle. Despite living hours away from each other, they have such a deep bond and love for one another. Thank You, Jesus!)

June was CRAZAY! At the risk of sounding like an old-timer…I cannot believe how fast time is moving. Life is so short.

I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but I did do a little bit of writing amidst the accounting homework. My dear friend, Danielle, asked my to write a guest post for her blog. What an honor.

“Why do we mothers and creative types fear failure? I’m convinced it’s the enemy’s favorite of our characteristics. He doesn’t even have to work for it. Don’t give him the pleasure, Momma! What I want to share today is that we don’t have to be perfect, we just have to trust that we know our babies and respect the unique personalities that God created in them.” Continue reading HERE!

I didn’t completely fail at my goals for June, but if I were grading myself, I’d go with a C+. Here’s a recap:


1. More Bible reading and prayer. 
This was going pretty well at the beginning of the month, but I started slacking when I started class. I can really tell that it has affected my attitude. Just like when you go without an important nutrient…I’m feeling spiritually malnourished.

2. More yoga.
Blah-be-de-blah. 2 times. That’s how much yoga I did. I loved those two times, and I wish I could say those weren’t my only sessions.

3. More sunshine.
We ROCKED this goal. So much time outside. We got in on a family pool pass, and it has already paid for itself. Not to mention nature walks and cook-outs. I will gladly sacrifice other pursuits to spend time in nature with my sweet family. So…June for the win!


1. Less jealously.
Okay, so I can definitely say that I spent less time focusing on other people’s successes, etc. That is great…but I spent a lot of time feeling jealous of my future self (is that even possible?!). We have a lot of goals for the future, and I was having a hard time accepting that the future has to stay, well, in the future. I really do think I’m over that bump in the road, but the things I was longing for are still there. A house, a yard, a dog, more time with Josiah everyday, maybe more babies. Like I said, it has to stay in the future (unless God says otherwise). Those are beautiful goals to work toward. I just need to be thankful and content with the struggle to get there.

2. Less processed foods/refined sugars/gluten.
This one has been going okay. It helps when you have a partner in crime who also happens to be a handsome chef 🙂

3. Less television.
I watched some television, but it didn’t interfere with living life. I’ll take it.

Overall, June was a great month. It appears that July will continue the winning streak 🙂

I’m reading Payroll Accouting. It’s a textbook. You’d think that means boring, but y’all, I have rediscovered my love for numbers. I am so deeply happy to finally know where I belong in the work world. What a relief to stop searching!

I’m listening to Nature Tribe. I bought an album on iTunes for all the yoga I was going to do. Ha! Either way, the music is very calming. With all the nature sounds and native flutes, Dustin says it sounds like I want to be a samurai. He’s not wrong 🙂

I’m in food love with frozen berries, still. Why did it take me 28 years to discover this love?!

What are you into these days? Have you accomplished your June goals, or are you carrying them over into July like I am?

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