Goals for July 2015

Recap of June Goals

1. Continue to grow in Spiritual Discipline.

2. Finish reading Love & Respect, and practice the principles I’ve learned. < Did not even open it. Le sigh.

3. Establish our new family routine. < Still a work in progress.

4. Blog 1-2 times per week. < I had no idea how busy summer could become if you allow it. I was able to write each week, but not a lot.

5. Complete one piece of original artwork per week. < Again, summer. I started and nearly completed ONE embroidery hoop.

6. Open the MBW Etsy shop. < Go check it out!

7. Research homeschool and begin learning activities with Josiah. < Nope. Does thinking about it count?

June was a month of lots of adjusting. Staying home more, working less, cooking more, running more. It’s summer, and it got a little crazy. We had a great time, though. I also have a tan, which is something I haven’t been able to say in years. We soaked up a lot of vitamin D and went on a wonderful road trip with Dustin’s parents to visit his aunt and uncle in Minnesota. As always, these are goals with grace, so I am not flustered by my overall failure to meet them. I am going to have to discipline myself more in the coming weeks, though. I love the sun, but I don’t love the chaos.

Goals for July 2015

1. Continue to grow in Spiritual Discipline.

2.  Finish reading Love & Respect and Scary Close.

3. Document our family vacation on the blog.

4. Blog 1-2 times per week.

5. Complete embroidery hoop and list it in the MBW Etsy shop.

6. Research homeschool and begin learning activities with Josiah.

7. Go on a nice date with Dustin!

Those are my goals, and I can’t wait to complete them. What are your goals for the month of July? If it’s simply soaking up lots of sun, good for you! Enjoy this month; it’ll be over before we know it!

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