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Goals for August 2015

July passed just as quickly as June in the Dummel household. I’m actually excited for summer to end, although that sounds like heresy as I read it back. Summer in Indiana is sacred; we soak up the few warm months before the long cold season comes. I thought that staying home 6 out of 7 days per week would make me feel more calm, but we’ve been living summer to the fullest. This has left me physically and emotionally drained and ready for the mundane of the fall and winter seasons. As much as I like to think I’m adventurous, I cling to routine. I love to read and think and write and love on my people. I love the sunshine, but allowing Josiah to take full advantage of the good weather, I’ve spent more time away from home than suits my sense of peace. If you think I’m boring, you’re probably right.

I’m starting to understand why some writers take a summer hiatus from their blogs. A lot of living happens, and it’s a rare moment for energy and free time to coincide. There’s no lack for things to think and write about this summer, though. Many of my emotions over the last month have been negative, and I’m not confident in writing through those times. Too often negative emotions are fleeting, and I don’t feel sure of what I’d say in those moments. I was raised to be mindful of my tongue, so I don’t want to leave a careless word here. Between personal anxiety and current events in America, I’ve been challenged to reevaluate exactly what I believe and what action I’ll take in faith. As summer turns to fall, I’m convicted and excited to learn, grow, and write more.

Recap of July Goals

1. Continue to grow in Spiritual Discipline.

2. Finish reading Love & Respect and Scary Close. <Scary Close was a great read, and I plan to read it again. I’m still finishing up Love & Respect, but I would recommend it without hesitation.

3. Document our family vacation on the blog. <NOPE.

4. Blog 1-2 times per week.

5. Complete embroidery hoop and list it in the MBW Etsy shop. <Not even close.

6. Research homeschool and begin learning activities with Josiah.

7. Go on a nice date with Dustin! <We have date night planned for tomorrow, so I’m not a complete failure. Sorry, Babe!

Greeting Card
Goals for August 2015

1. Continue to grow in Spiritual Discipline.

2. Finish reading Love & Respect.

3. Continue developing a plan for home preschool.

4. Complete embroidery hoop and list it in the MBW Etsy shop.

5. Continue organizing our home and ridding the house of clutter.

6. Have a yard sale.

7. Make homemade soap and shampoo bars 🙂

What are you up to this month?

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