Minimalism Game Days 13-19

October 20, 2013

I blogged a bunch last week, and then I didn’t blog this week. It’s an example of how much I struggle with consistency. I just live life in spurts. I wish I could change that about myself, but instead I’m trying to channel who I am in the right direction. Instead of trying to live by a strict schedule, I’m trying to make myself do a few small things regularly that will add up to the life I want to be living.


10 minutes of yoga each day

10 minutes of Bible reading/prayer/meditation

Blog once per week

Progress so far…Yoga is 3/6…Bible is 2/6. I am NOT proud of that, but I’m going to try to just do better in this coming week.

Minimalism Game Days 13-19

October 13

1. Giant mason jar

2. Broken sippy cup

3. Hot, but dreadfully painful boots

4. ID holder

5. Reusable shopping bag

6. Reusable shopping bag

7. Pink sippy cup

8. Toddler sandles

9. Toddler sandles

10. Toddler sandles

11. Pen

12. Baby shoes

13. Poster

October 14

1. Painting from a student

2. Sippy cup lid

3-8. 6 Halloween cookie cutters (these came from a set of 100, and we don’t do Halloween)

9. Set of construction style alphabet stensils

10. Set of fancy alphabet stensils

11. Baby doll pants

12. Fancy Nancy poster

13. High school self portrait

14. Patriotic poster

October 15

1-15. 15 pieces of high school art

October 16

1-13. 13 pieces of high school art

14. Heart stensil

15. Number stensils

16. Alphabet stensil

October 17

1-5. 5 sheets of stensils

6-17. 12 girl books (the reason I have a bunch of girl stuff is a long story for another time)

October 18

1. Girl book

2. Girl book

3-18. 16 pieces of toddler clothes (these went to a sweet little friend of Josiah’s)

October 19

1-19. 19 pieces of toddler clothes

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