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I am broken. I’ve spent countless hours in counseling (The Journey Counseling Services), and I have made huge strides towards becoming, once again, the beautiful soul my LORD created from the start. But I’ll always be broken…that is, until ALL things are made complete. Jesus already won the battle for my heart when He took death to the cross and rose victorious over sin. But the truth remains that we will always fight our sin and fear until we reach heaven. It’s a damaged world.

When life becomes difficult, Satan always reminds me how comforting it is to live in the safety of all my old vises.

“Don’t you want control back?” he’ll say. And I will. I’ll want it so badly, my mouth will water as for choice food. I’ll want to re-employ my old coping mechanisms; those things I learned before I learned Jesus. And sometimes I’ll give in. Sometimes I’ll push everyone away. To me, loneliness carries less risk than being known. I know. I’ve done it again just this year.

BUT. Sometimes I won’t. And those are my glimpses of victory. Those are my moments of glory. Those are my hope for the future. Yes, I’ll always be broken during my time on this earth, but I know that one day I’ll be complete. In Jesus, I will be complete.

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