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Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Way Down Here

I’m finding that I have a hard time writing about life as it’s happening. I’m better at narratives, which means I find my footing better in hindsight. Bear with me, as I attempt to share in the midst…

2017 has had some really big moments. We bought a house, Hosanna learned to walk, Josiah started reading…we also lost a baby.  Just writing that sucks the wind out of me.

I’ve found myself back in counseling, because I’ve been a total mess since the miscarriage. I feel like there’s usually a single gripping moment that makes or breaks a blog post, but please understand, the point of this post isn’t about our loss. Continue reading

February 2016 Update

Hi faithful readers! You guys keep me going for this blogging/making/inspiring dream I have. How have you been? Is 2016 treating you well? So far, so good in the Dummel household.

On January 1, I wrote about the year to come, including some goals/resolutions. Anyone else making plans or goals for this year? How is that going? As usual, I probably was too lofty in my goal-setting, but I haven’t fallen on my face completely. Quite frankly, I’m just too tired to do ALL of the things right now. That’s the fact, Jack. But I’m pretty happy with how this month turned out.

Because I’m reading so much for Bible study right now, I haven’t kept up on my other books, Desperate and Wuthering Heights. My study of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament has shed new light on my relationship with God, so I’m really okay with putting the other author’s on hold!

I did not do yoga 3 times per week. This is the one thing I really feel like I need to improve on. Tired or not, my body needs to stretch and strengthen. I love yoga and being fit, so I’m not sure why exercise gets the boot when I’m busy. I did exercise more in January than in previous months, but as this baby’s birth is quickly approaching, I have got to get in better shape!

I watched a lot less television this month. Yay! It really makes a difference in my attitude and level of productivity. I do turn on FRIENDS reruns when I need a little noise in the background.

After practicing spiritual disciplines far more consistently, the biggest accomplishment of the last month was making my artwork a weekly priority. If you’ve been on Facebook at all, I’m sorry-not-sorry for blowing up your feed with my most recent projects. My dad taught me to use his miter saw to make wood slices, and the rest is history. As my mom likes to joke, “I’m hooked. I’m hooked. My brain is cooked.” I’ve fallen hard for woodworking, and I can’t see myself going back! I love admiring God’s handiwork while adding my own unique touches.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” – Howard Thurman

Dustin will attest that Bible study, prayer, and creating works of art are what make me come alive. He said he hasn’t seen me this on fire in years. I’m hustling harder after the things that matter to me than ever before…and it’s in a time that clearly doesn’t make sense. I don’t ever do things the easy way…

I’m more tired and sick than ever (because, pregnancy), but I’m pushing forward to make my passion a reality for the first time. I’m fighting hard against fear. I’ve wanted to give up so many times I’ve lost count…just in the last month. But each time, I ignored those voices that tell me to quit, and it’s starting to pay off. I opened my online store, and have made agreements with TWO local businesses who want to sell my jewelry! I honestly can’t believe it’s real some days!

So my goal for February is to keep hustling for the things that matter, my relationship with God, my roles as Wife and Momma, and my heart for artwork.

What will you hustle for this month?

Goals for November 2015

It’s November. 2015 is almost over. Am I the only one struggling to grasp that?!

Last month, my goal was to get by. This month, I’m a little more ambitious…emphasis on a little. I’m starting to feel better. I’ve crawled into the second trimester this week, and wonderful things are starting to happen. Though morning sickness is still way worse this time around, I’m not sick 24/7 now, and I have energy to do more than survive. What’s even more exciting than that is the kicks and rolls I’m feeling in my tummy. I’ll be 15 weeks tomorrow, and I’m already feeling this child move consistently. Can anyone say second child?! It’s crazy how different the first and second pregnancy can be.

I have some simple goals, but even simple ones can get you excited to conquer your list.

  • Learn more about and foster a continuous brew kombucha. I followed this method to grow my own SCOBY, and then I read about continuous brewing, and the lazy foodie in me thought that sounded great. I found this adorable container at Big Lots this week. The ones at other stores were $30+. Life doesn’t have to be so expensive, if you’re willing to look a little harder for deals!

  • Make homemade toothpaste. I’ve been out for a month, at least. I’m telling you, my teeth were whiter, stronger, and less sensitive when I was using the homemade kind. Plus, when Josiah uses it, I don’t have to worry about him swallowing it, because all the ingredients are edible…unlike fluoride!
  • Get back to my spiritual disciplines. Morning sickness is a beast, and I gave into it 100%. I mean, I really did the minimum in life for about two months. I’m sure Dustin would agree that it has taken a toll on my emotional and spiritual attitude. I’m so thankful that God is faithful, even when I’m not, but I really don’t want to be a slacker Christian. It’s not a joyful way to live, and it certainly doesn’t please the heart of my LORD.
  • Be WAY more consistent with homeschooling Josiah. Like a lot of homeschool mommas, I don’t think 4 year old preschool is even necessary, as kids are learning constantly through play. However, Josiah is so much like me when it comes to school. He LOVES to learn and is a total sponge. Besides learning, I can tell it’s a way of bonding for him. He loves that special time in the day when he has my full attention. I don’t want to miss these precious opportunities.
  • Organize Josiah’s homeschool area. Although learning happens everywhere, we do need an organized area for supplies, lest I go crazy before this baby arrives.
  • Follow Clean Mama’s simple guide to keeping my house squeaky clean.
  • And lastly, try to enjoy this pregnancy and all that comes with it. Hormones have made me a little crazy lately, and this week, I was blessed to enter that precious stage when every moment of the day, I feel like crying…for no reason and every reason at the same time. For your reading pleasure, here are just a few things I’ve been tempted to cry over in the last 24 hours:
    • I want to watch Gilmore Girls all day, but I can’t.
    • I’m feel worthless, because all I want to do is watch Gilmore Girls.
    • There’s too much junk on the bookshelf.
    • I have to wash dishes.
    • I’m just so tired.
    • I’m stuffy because the heat keeps coming on.
    • I missed the black dress memo for the bridal shower today. Um, I don’t own a black dress that I can even wear right now, so that’s moot, but still felt like crying.
    • Two beautiful kids are getting married. Why did they grow up so fast?! It’s so wonderful and heartbreaking!
    • I don’t want to fix my hair.
    • Makeup is too much work.
    • The bathroom smells funny.
    • Dustin has to go to work.
    • I have to make dinner.
    • The art show last night was so beautiful. I can’t handle it. So much talent in one pla-ha-ha-hace!
    • I miss my big kitchen, especially the teal walls.
    • Josiah was such a cute baby.
    • Josiah has grown up so fast, and this baby will too-hoo-hoo!

Being a woman is beautiful, is it not? Hormones, ugh. I hope that list made you snicker, not think less of me. I get points for never actually crying, right? I even managed to compose myself for an art show last night. It was so encouraging. Art. Love.

November 2015

I hope your November is full of thankfulness, good health, and fun with your family and friends. God Bless!

Goals for May 2015

Recap of April Goals

1. Continue making Bible study a higher priority < This is still a work in progress. Quite frankly, my schedule is entirely too full. It’s not an excuse, but it is proof that you can be too busy.

2. Pray and commune with God like it’s not a chore

3. Less screen time for Josiah

4. Visit a “Senior Saint” at least twice

5. Look through and organize home decorations, and get rid of anything we don’t intend to use (If I keep listing it, it’ll happen eventually, right?) < That’s hilarious.

6. Continue to improve the look and usability of millybecomingwilder.com < I’m still working on it, but for someone who doesn’t do coding, nor has the funds to pay someone to do coding, I think/hope it’s coming along.

7. Work diligently on Income Tax and Excel classes. < With the support of my wonderful husband, mother, family, coworkers, and friends, I got certified in Microsoft Excel, and I’m almost finished with Income Tax. That’s something to celebrate!!!

Goals for May 2015

Honestly, I hadn’t even looked back at my April goals until this evening. What a crazy month. I wasn’t too disappointed, though. Despite the chaos, I managed to do some good things. Here are my goals for May…

1.  Finish Income Tax class on a positive note.

2.  Continue to grow in Spiritual Disciplines.

3.  Slow my life back down after my classes are over.

4. Go to MANY garage sales, because they make me insanely happy. So many unique finds! Side note: I picked out a cuter outfit for going to garage sales tomorrow than I wore to work today. I might have a problem.

5. Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with my guys. We love Mexican food and festivities, even though we are the whitest people on the block.

6. Play “The Minimalist Game”…This is a challenge for me and anyone reading to cut down on the excess material possessions that steal our space and our peace. Want to know more? Read this!

I met “The Minimalists” last year at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati. They are not Christians, but what they’ve learned and are now teaching others is so full of truth and in line with Christ’s teachings on money and materialism. Luke 12:15 says, “Then he said to them, ‘Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.'” I shared that verse with them and thanked them for their message. I hope they accept Christ as their Savior some day. Their joy is contagious, they are full of love, and they speak their message boldly…they’d make amazing ministers!

The Minimalists and Me

7. Celebrate 7 years of marriage! We will also be celebrating a successful year of marriage after separation, which is beautiful and blessed and totally the handiwork of God. Praise Him!

Dustin and Me

May 2015 is a pretty exciting time for us. Our marriage is growing stronger everyday, and as of May 31, I will be working part-time, so I can spend more time loving on my family. If someone would have told me my life could be this beautiful 18 months ago, I would have turned around and walked away. Never in my dreams, or even in my prayers, could I have imagined what God would do with our family. The glory is all His. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen” (Ephesians 3:20-21).