Month: March 2016

One Day At A Time

Reading through a Bible study workbook today, I read the author’s speculation about what Jesus’ death must have been like for His mother, Mary. As it often does, my mind trailed off thinking about how this applies to my daily walk.

What if Mary was like me? What if when Jesus was born, she questioned the outcome of raising God’s Son in every possible way? What if she focused more on her inabilities than on the task the LORD put before her? What if she walked away out of fear? I have no doubt that God could have used another woman to do the job. His plan would have been done. However, Mary could have missed living out God’s will in her own life if she’d obsessed about what the outcome would be of raising this God-baby.

In my own walk with the LORD, I’ve done far little work than I’ve been offered. I sin regularly by worrying about the future and questioning if I am truly capable to do the work God puts before me. In my heart, I know that the harvest is ready in my neighborhood. So many of these people need Jesus, but I am tempted to listen to my own thoughts instead of God’s truth. I want to run from opportunities, because I question whether I will be consistent enough, whether it will take away from my family too much, whether I am capable of sharing truth, whether I have what it takes to shine Jesus’ light in a dying world…

But today, what ministering in my community looks like might be smiling at a neighbor kid and asking how he’s doing. It might be walking my son to the park for the 100th time so that we can get to know the kids there better and make our presence known in the neighborhood. It might be praying for God’s wisdom and light to grow in us. It might be asking God to teach me through His word. I can do all those things!

“What if I fail this baby? What if I don’t have what it takes? What if I get sick and can’t care for Him? What if I die before He’s grown? What if this motherhood thing ends up to be more than I can handle? What if I lose my son before I’m ready? What if this mission breaks my heart?” These are all questions Mary could have asked, and are not unlike questions I have found myself asking. But Mary clearly didn’t fail. One day at a time, Mary raised her son the way she was asked by God. The rest is HISTORY and our salvation! I’m so thankful for humble Mary’s example.

One day at a time, I can wake up and choose to live within God’s will.

If I will follow His leading, I can trust that He will fill all my gaps and make His plans come to fruition.

March 2016 Update

February passed by like a flash for us! I know a lot of people struggle through February, and a I can generally relate, but we were so busy that it felt like a blur (by our standards…I know a lot of people are far busier!). The random warm days were so uplifting, and we soaked up as much sun as we could.

I took Josiah to the park to explore, throw rocks in the river, and play on the playground. While at the river, he randomly said, “Mom, you’re the best!” I’m pretty sure playing outside is that boy’s love language. It’s sort of mine, too <3

Josiah and Momma at the Park

Josiah Climbing

It’s nice to have pockets of energy to do fun things with him. Pregnancy has taken more out of me this time around. At the beginning of February, I felt like my iron levels must have been low, because I was even more weak and tired than before. However, I figured out that I wasn’t drinking enough water. Dehydration is no joke! I was already drinking “enough” for an average person, but I apparently need much more. Drinking a gallon of water a day is a lot of work, but my body responds really well when I do. So I have been feeling a lot better. My stomach is still not a fan of pregnancy, but at the seven month point, I’ve come to terms with that.

We also started another semester of our homeschool co-op. This is only my second semester teaching. I’m nervous a lot of the time, but I’m learning a lot. One of the things I’ve discovered is the power of enthusiasm. At least the preschoolers respond well to it. They are happy little campers most of the time, and they still mirror the excitement of their teachers. This semester, I get to teach their art class and assist in an elementary age art class. It’s so good for my soul! I get to share my love for creating and hopefully encourage students to embrace their own creative sides.

Preschool Art

This picture cracks me up! This is an accurate depiction of what it’s like to teach seven little boys, aged 3-5 years old. They are all in the picture, so it’s a win! Here they are modeling their “coats of many colors” 🙂

One of the things I love about homeschooling is that creativity isn’t limited to “periods/bells”. Josiah loves to make art and crafts, so we do that at all hours of the day. Through drawing, painting, cutting, and gluing, his mind is being stretched and grown. His handwriting has dramatically improved since the fall, and his fervor for learning has also increased.

Dustin and I have been having lots of heart to hearts about God and ministry, and we are striving to learn all we can in the hopes of some day being in ministry again. The focus of the last few years has been inward, and that has paid off. Our family has grown together in unity and stability. We feel ready to continue our growth in Christ beyond the walls of our house. If I’m being honest, these are some of the moments when my husband is most attractive to me. There are so many ways we are opposites, but our mutual love for the LORD is what brought us together, and it’s the reason we fall more in love each day. Bless.

I launched my art business at the beginning of February, and we are so pleased with how it’s gone so far. Even doing something you love is work, but it’s not the draining sort. I get tired, and I have to push through frustration just like any other job, but I always look forward to making more art. For so many years, I’ve questioned myself and my abilities, and the fears that sprung up always won. However, at the beginning of the year, I set out to make this part of me a priority, and it’s paid off. Yes, I’ve sold some jewelry, but what’s more thrilling is the joy it has brought into my heart and the energy it’s given me for everyday life.

March 2016 Goals

With just under two months to go until my due date, a lot of my energy is centered around preparing our family for our new addition <3

  • Continue to make time with God a top priority
  • Hang pictures throughout the house
  • Organize baby clothes (hand-me-downs are such a blessing!)
  • Soak up quality time with Dustin and Josiah
  • Increase jewelry inventory (I won’t have nearly as much time when this precious baby comes!)
  • Start planning our garden
  • Create a pegboard wall panel for the kitchen like this one I found on Pinterest:
Pegboard Wall

Blessings for the month to come! Thanks for reading!