Month: July 2015

The Weekend Wave: July 26

Do the wave! You don’t have to look very far to find people doing great things for their families and the community…

  • My friend Kelsey is making beautiful nursing necklaces to support her family and encourage other nursing mothers over at Momma and Bean. When I was nursing Josiah, I learned how difficult it can be to nourish the body of a curious baby. Nursing necklaces are beautiful and useful. They help entertain the baby by giving him something close to Momma’s body to focus on, so there’s more eating and less distraction. These necklaces make great gifts for new mommas!

Nursing Necklace

  • When I was playing volleyball at Cincinnati Christian University, I met Christie and her boyfriend, Zach. They got married a few years later and started living out the Gospel in Haiti. Their hearts for the LORD and His children in Haiti is so inspiring. Their spirits of perseverance through trial make me want to keep fighting the good fight. You can read about their work at and the Project Blog for the organization they’ve joined. Would you pray for their work and consider giving to the cause? You won’t regret it.


  • Dustin and I have been cleaning up our diet. We want our family to be happy and thriving, and what we put in our bodies is so important. Store bought salad dressings are almost all chemical-laden and full of refined sugar. We decided to make our own. This recipe for Paleo Ranch Dressing is simple and delicious. I used the mayo I already had and unsweetened almond milk. We love it! I’m looking forward to making the mayo from scratch to make this even more natural. Definitely doing the wave for natural health!

Why are you doing the wave this weekend?

The Weekend Wave

Have you ever been to a sporting event where the crowd does “The Wave”? It starts at one end of the stadium or arena. Fans stand up and raise their hands and then sit back down. It moves around the place until everyone has done this in sequence, and it creates what looks like a wave in the ocean. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s exciting. It gets everyone involved and raises enthusiasm for the home team.

What if we showed that kind of enthusiasm for our neighbors and friends? What if we did the wave for people like we do at sporting events? I don’t mean literally, although, that would be hilarious. Stand up and raise your hands when someone walks in the room. They’ll love it or think you’re nuts. Ha!

This weekend wave is for…

My childhood friend and his wife. A young mother of 3, Kari’s been diagnosed with ALS, and they are raising awareness and rallying to find a cure. I cannot even imagine what she’s going through, but her faith and determination are inspiring. Would you pray for them and consider giving to the cause?

My friend, Tricia. She’s offering hilarity and hope with her blog about bi-cultural marriage. Although she’s had to cross major cultural boundaries, I think a lot of what she’s got to say would encourage ANY marriage.

And…Zac Owens, who gets to open for Kelly Clarkson! What?! Once upon a time, my family switched churches, and I knew no one. Zac was so welcoming and is a light to everyone around him. He’s one of the good ones, and I’m so happy to see his music going places.

Quote of the week:

“The whole experience makes me wonder if the time we spend trying to become somebody people will love isn’t wasted because the most powerful, most attractive person we can be is who we already are, an ever-changing being that is becoming and will never arrive, but has opinions about what is seen along the journey.” – Donald Miller, Scary Close (pp. 148-149) This is what Milly Becoming Wilder is all about!

Going Against the Flow

If you live near Harrison, Ohio, and you are a momma looking for some good fellowship, consider Lifespring Christian Church’s MOMS group. “Our group is open to new and experienced moms, stay at home and working moms. Whatever your story, you fit with us! Each get together is a time to relax, enjoy the company of other moms, and be filled with coffee and goodies, devotions, prayer, and a craft or activity. We meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 10am-Noon in the youth room. A yearly fee covers all expenses, and childcare is provided. Please e-mail or call 513-633-8349 with any questions.”

I had the privilege of writing a guest post for the MOMS Newsletter this month. We are learning about parents in the Bible and how we can use their examples with our own children. Here is my take on Noah…

From the very beginning of being a parent, there are so many decisions to make. How to feed the baby, where the baby will sleep, how to decorate the baby’s room, and so on.

One thing that always strikes me as odd is the “Noah’s Ark” nursery decor that is ever popular. I understand that children love animals and boats, but the story of Noah and the ark is far from “kid-friendly.” It’s actually really brutal. Everyone except Noah and his family, were living in opposition to God, with hearts full of evil. The Bible says that God regretted making man. It was that bad. (Genesis 6:5-6)

Basically, God decided to wipe out all people on Earth with a flood, but He offered Noah, along with his wife, his sons, and his daughters-in-law, salvation in return for their faithfulness in carrying out His plan. He told them to build the ark and care for a pair of each kind of animal on Earth.

We’ve heard the story so many times and viewed it portrayed in countless cute ways, so I think the depth of the tragedy and the challenge is somewhat lost on us.

Despite being the only followers of God left on Earth, Noah and his family followed the call to build an ark, when it had never even rained. Can you imagine how much manual labor Noah did? There weren’t saw mills, machinery, or cranes back then. There were no semis to haul in prepared wood. Noah built that ark by hand. Furthermore, he continued to work while everyone mocked him. Not one person outside of his family understood or affirmed Noah’s choices. What he was doing really didn’t make sense by human standards, but Noah was faithful.

As a parent making one million decisions required for raising up a child, I keep looking to the Lord, trying to take Noah’s example. My husband and I have felt convicted to make several parenting decisions that go against mainstream “wisdom,” because we want to lead our child to Christ, not to worldly success.

Parenting in ways we believe will please the Lord is not always easy for me, because I struggle with being a people pleaser. Our convictions don’t always make sense according to human standards, so we have been mocked at times. In no way am I saying that our challenge is as great as Noah’s, but the concepts of faithfulness to God’s plans for our lives are the same. Even when it means more work and less acceptance from society, the rewards for following after God as a parent far outweigh the challenges. It means my son will get to know God and have the opportunity to choose salvation in Christ. What more could I ask for as a mother than the guarantee that no matter what happens in this life, my children will be with God for eternity?

The decisions we make for our children matter. Whether or not you use “Noah’s Ark” decor in the baby’s nursery, be sure to follow Noah’s example in matters of eternal significance. By listening to God, ignoring the mockers, and upholding his promises to the LORD, Noah led his family to salvation from physical death. In following his example, we can lay the foundation for our children to choose salvation from spiritual death.

Read Noah’s story of faith here, in Genesis 6

Goals for July 2015

Recap of June Goals

1. Continue to grow in Spiritual Discipline.

2. Finish reading Love & Respect, and practice the principles I’ve learned. < Did not even open it. Le sigh.

3. Establish our new family routine. < Still a work in progress.

4. Blog 1-2 times per week. < I had no idea how busy summer could become if you allow it. I was able to write each week, but not a lot.

5. Complete one piece of original artwork per week. < Again, summer. I started and nearly completed ONE embroidery hoop.

6. Open the MBW Etsy shop. < Go check it out!

7. Research homeschool and begin learning activities with Josiah. < Nope. Does thinking about it count?

June was a month of lots of adjusting. Staying home more, working less, cooking more, running more. It’s summer, and it got a little crazy. We had a great time, though. I also have a tan, which is something I haven’t been able to say in years. We soaked up a lot of vitamin D and went on a wonderful road trip with Dustin’s parents to visit his aunt and uncle in Minnesota. As always, these are goals with grace, so I am not flustered by my overall failure to meet them. I am going to have to discipline myself more in the coming weeks, though. I love the sun, but I don’t love the chaos.

Goals for July 2015

1. Continue to grow in Spiritual Discipline.

2.  Finish reading Love & Respect and Scary Close.

3. Document our family vacation on the blog.

4. Blog 1-2 times per week.

5. Complete embroidery hoop and list it in the MBW Etsy shop.

6. Research homeschool and begin learning activities with Josiah.

7. Go on a nice date with Dustin!

Those are my goals, and I can’t wait to complete them. What are your goals for the month of July? If it’s simply soaking up lots of sun, good for you! Enjoy this month; it’ll be over before we know it!